Ballarat to honour the Eureka Stockade's 166th anniversary

The City of Ballarat will host a series of commemorative events to mark the 166th anniversary of the Eureka Stockade on Thursday 3 December.

This year’s commemorative program is mostly virtual via the Eureka Centre Facebook page to maintain a COVID-safe environment.

“Each Eureka Day, we honour those who died defending their rights and liberties, as well as those who died doing their duty as police and soldiers,” Ballarat Mayor Cr Daniel Moloney said.

Cr Moloney said Eureka remained unmatched as an historical event in Australian history, having had a profound impact on our development as a democratic nation.

Located at the site of the 1854 Eureka Stockade uprising, the Eureka Centre will lead the city's contribution to the commemoration of Eureka.

Thursday 3 December 

A video retracing the route of the Eureka Dawn Walk (held in Ballarat from 1998 to 2004) will be released online.

Peter Freund, one of the original organisers, will explain the history of the walk and recite some of its narration and different points along the route.

Mayor Cr Daniel Moloney will lay a wreath at the Eureka Stockade site to acknowledge the fallen. His Eureka Day message will also be shared online. 

Throughout the day, residents and visitors are encouraged to explore Ballarat’s rich Eureka heritage at sites including the Eureka Stockade Memorial Park, the Ballarat Old Cemetery and Bakery Hill.

For more information about the events surrounding the Eureka Stockade, click here

The Eureka Centre is proud to present the annual Peter Tobin Oration, an event that honours the significant contribution of the late Peter Tobin OAM to the commemoration and interpretation of the Eureka Stockade.

Archaeologist David Bannear will speak about the archaeology of the Eureka Stockade Memorial Park, surviving mining relics of Ballarat and other central Victorian goldfields, and their contribution to the proposed UNESCO World Heritage bid. 

The Oration will be livestreamed via the Eureka Centre Facebook page.

Sunday 6 November

On Eureka Sunday, the traditional community day that marks the anniversary of Eureka, a children’s program will be presented through pre-recorded videos on the Eureka Centre Facebook page from 10am.

Museum educator Kellie Maddaford will present a flag design and drawing class, while a puppet show by Ballarat’s-own Rat City Players will tell the story of well-known Eureka characters on a quest to find out who made the Eureka Flag (5.30pm).

For more information, contact the Eureka Centre on 5333 0333 or visit