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Kate Davis is a passionate foodie and expert in the culinary field, having focused on the beer, wine, and food industries over the last decade.

She has long wanted to champion the boutique producers and quiet achievers from across western Victoria with the natural resources and local artisans that this region is home to. 

Her latest endeavour – Eat Drink West.


Words by Kate Davis  

Western Victoria is home to some of the highest quality produce in the world, fostered by passionate growers, farmers, foodies, and everyone in between.

The ingredients in this region are lovingly cultivated, grown, reared, and handcrafted to promote healthy and delicious dishes.  

Inspired by the already present culinary strengths of the region, Eat Drink West is an online community of sustainable farmers, thoughtful foodies, innovative chefs and collaborative artisans sharing expertise in order to showcase western Victoria’s vibrant culinary industry.

By creating a directory of like-minded food producers from across the region, Eat Drink West strengthens local food systems and constructs opportunities.

Connecting across sub-regions of western Victoria, our platform allows for communal interconnectivity, using digital and in-person forums to share information.  

By clicking through our website, attending a workshop, or ‘liking’ a Facebook post, travellers and locals alike can connect effortlessly with all things food-related in the area.  

Eat Drink West is not only a way to boost business through connection. The heart of this initiative is in the way we strive to connect a community of like-minded western Victorians.

As a community-driven service, we create forums and opportunities that directly tie to the vision of the people that utilise our platform.



Our community is uniquely western Victorian, just like the ingredients and wares that they produce.

In order to serve our community members, both online and in person, we know that interconnectivity is the key.

By connecting producers across the western Victoria food chain, we are a vital link for a growing food industry.

Our producers represent several regions of western Victoria, bringing together resources from a sprawling natural landscape. 

Supporting individuals that work out of Ballarat, Central Goldfields, Golden Plains, Hepburn, Moorabool, Northern and Southern Grampians and the Pyrenees, we personalise the user experience of Eat Drink West from region to region.

We celebrate western Victorian creativity and expertise, observing the natural resources that inherently accompany being in the heart of fertile farmland and sprawling vineyards.  

We are maintaining sustainability for consumers and industry alike as they find region-specific information and engage with what the people of western Victoria consume like never before.

The best way to lessen a carbon footprint for many of us is to buy locally.

Eat Drink West makes sustainable consumption easy for consumers within its network. We encourage sustainability by ultimately reducing food miles, meaning we shorten the journey from producer to consumer, reducing fuel use and nurturing the natural environment that sustains the vast western Victorian landscape.

Not focusing only on environmental sustainability, Eat Drink West also engages in sustainable business practices by forging closer community connections through regular workshops and online connectivity.

Throughout the year, chefs and makers from across sub-regions are able to share knowledge and foster community relationships, using this platform as the ultimate connector.  

The success of partner organisations like Plate Up Ballarat has emphasised to Eat Drink West some cold hard facts we already were aware of: there exists a consumer-driven demand for local food, locally-produced ingredients, locally-owned cafes and restaurants, and ways for individuals to immerse themselves in western Victoria’s emerging culinary movement.  

The western Victorian food industry is on the rise and Eat Drink West aims to deepen and broaden its reach, engaging communities within and outside western Victoria more than ever before.  


The Victorian food industry has the natural beauty, resources, and dedicated people necessary for a strong culinary tradition.

That said, strong support needs to accompany rapid growth. That is where our platform comes in as an ally to community farmers and artisans.

There is so much to discover in the region for tourists and curious locals: a rich wine-making tradition, fertile volcanic soil that produces supple fruit and flavourful nuts, well-cultivated cattle and dairy, extensive olive groves, and arrays of vibrant farmers' markets. We aim to boost the profiles of these abundant resources, taking already present momentum and lending a prominent platform.  

At the core of Eat Drink West is the western Victoria community, a community that fosters an amazing and growing food industry. We strive to create accessibility to and for growers and producers in order to promote their wares by developing a range of models for spreading information.  

Our community consists of anyone committed to sustainable, delicious, and healthy food from across western Victoria.

We are chefs, entrepreneurs, producers and bakers. We are farmers, artisans, sommeliers and advocates. We are a diverse and versatile community with our values rooted in the natural resources and society cultivated in western Victoria.  

We connect community members by actively engaging with individuals across platforms, both in person and from behind the comfort of a screen.

Using mediums such as podcasts, interactive social media campaigns, workshops and in-house publications, we weave together the stories of local producers that are committed to health and sustainability.  

While individuals promote their wares, they exchange so much more – artisans, makers, and consumers all take on the role of storyteller. 


As printed in Uncover Summer 2019

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